Why do I need landlord insurance if I have an agent?

We at no time can’t guarantee your tenant’s performance at your property. Even a good tenancy can turn bad if the tenant’s circumstances change and the tenancy can become unstable. This can result in rent owing and the property being damaged etc.

We at no time can guarantee your tenant’s performance at your property. Even a good tenancy can turn bad if the tenant’s circumstances change and the tenancy can become unstable. This can result in rent owing and the property being damaged etc. Landlord insurance policies are designed to cover your property for damage and loss of rent. 

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Yes of course! We will share with you all the information we have collected from reference checks to affordability through to TICA checks and even previous tenancy ledgers. We will then discuss openly with you your options and you can select which applicant best suits your property.

We will deposit all monies collected into your nominated bank account in the middle and/or the end of the month  depending on your request and the frequency of when your tenant pays their rent, i.e. weekly, fortnightly or monthly

At the beginning of your tenancy we will conduct a very thorough entry condition report, this will included photos for future reference. From there we will inspect your property 6 weeks after the tenant first moves in and then every 3-4 months after that. This helps to ensure a happy tenancy for you and your tenant!

These days generally almost everyone has a pet of some sort, especially if your home is ideal for families.  A tenant will need to complete a ‘Pet Application’ and submit a photo of their pet upon applying for the property. If approved, the tenant will also need to sign a pet agreement and be responsible for any damages the pet may cause at their own expense. However approving an applicant with a pet is entirely up to you.

From 1st January 2017 smoke alarm legislation in Queensland changed, especially for new houses and there is now a new 10 year plan that is being rolled out for existing houses. As the legislation constantly changes it is in your best interests to have a Smoke Alarm company to look after these for you.

It is the owners responsibility within 30 days of the start of a new tenancy or lease renewal to have the smoke alarms cleaned, tested and any nearly flat batteries changed. We can help assist you with this by recommending a specialist company to do this for you and supply you with a compliance certificate.

Further information about smoke alarms can be found here

The tenant is responsible for the full water consumption if the property is individually metered, water efficient (with a plumber's certificate) and the tenancy agreement provides for it.  While the tenant is responsible for the water consumption, the landlord is responsible for any water access and sewage charges.

Further information about water charges can be found here

Surprisingly new properties sometimes have more to do than an older property, if you have a new property, you could be responsible for:-

Telephone connection fee:
There may be a one off fee charged by Telstra to connect the phone cable to your property.

Gas bottle set up:
If your property has gas bottles, you may be responsible for a yearly gas bottle hire fee as well as providing the tenants with 2 full bottles of gas upon moving into the property. Don’t worry, we will ensure the bottles are re-filled before your tenant vacates the property ready for the next tenants!

Rubbish Bins:
Guess what... Your new property does not have any!

But don't worry, we will arrange for your new bins to be delivered to your property.

There are a few other things like ensuring you have street numbers on your letterbox, tv antenna connected etc... but we will walk you though all of this. 

We have a highly experienced team ready to work for you.

Our Senior Property Managers have experience in managing new homes and it is their specialist area! Plus being local we’re constantly driving around and past your property so its really easy to ensure everything is ok (lawns mowed, gardens weeded, no one is parking on your new lawn).

Also, our property managers aren’t swamped with 200 – 300 properties like some other agencies, our property managers are capped at just 100 properties. Our property management department is portfolio based, meaning only one point of contact for you. This ensures you receive consistency, great service and a personal relationship with your property manager. 

Changing agents is actually a very simple process!
Its as simple as one letter/email, that we send on your behalf. We will even collect your file, reports and keys for you. We will also notify your tenant and explain the change and walk them through the process too.

If you would like us to manage your property, simply contact our office and speak with one of our friendly staff and we will take care of the rest.